Welcome to our website. We are under construction so please feel free to check back, often.
The Beaver County Ghost Hunter group has been around for approximately 13 years. We've done many private investigations as
well as public investigations and always looking for more interesting places to visit. There is never a fee for our services so please feel free to contact us if you feel you have a paranormal problem.

Every person in our group has experienced something paranormal at one time or another. Many of us are very sensitive to the spirit world and some of our group likes to work more with technical equipment.
I have never personally seen an apparition or full body manifestation. I have seen orbs flying and sometimes little dark shadows when there is no reason for it. Most of my experiences are "feeling" and seeing the spirits in my mind. Although this is not scientific proof to the world, it is proof to me. We are not here to try to make a name in the world with making up stories and photo shopping our pictures. We get what we get. If we don't experience anything, we will say so. Spirits don't appear when you want them to, they appear when they are able and to whomever they choose.
I feel that not enough people give respect to the spirit world. You will never hear us using negative techniques to make contact.

Personally, I do NOT believe in demons. I do believe there are negative entities and spirits. Dying does not make a bad person into an angel. If you were bad in life, you are bad in death. If you were good in life you are good in death. I'm not here to debate this issue, either. This is my personal feeling.

Join us at the Rochester Public Library, Adams St. Rochester, PA on July 15. We will be demonstrating the proper techniques for performing a Paranormal Investigation, based on location. You will be able to see some of our favorite photos and we encourage you bringing some of your own for analysis. A couple of attendees will have the opportunity to join us on an investigation. $20. person. Please call the library in advance for your space as seating is limited. 724-774-7783
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